Saturday, November 27, 2010

Men’s Fashionable Custom Tailored Suits & Shirts

Now the time has moved out where you think about proper dressing, as men’s out look is one of big issue which can be manage by their proper clothing sense as there perplexity is always with everyone that what they wear or buy which can suit on their personality or give proper outfit to their body according to place. Here many services are available at online shop where you can see various styles of custom suits as custom tailoring suits are being prominent since always where you can decide your dress according to your preference. In these days fashion comes & out swiftly so it’s very difficult to take decision about good dress which leaves remarkable impression at your home, office, party or anywhere. You can choose
charcoal birdseye patternwith wide strip & stylish collar shirts which will give amazing look to your personality & can use double/single breasted buttons at front of your suit also so all will make your dress impressive & you may also take various stylish design from catalogs which are prevalent accordingly trend.
Custom tailoring suits assist you to measurement of suits which suitable for every single one, as custom tailor will design your suit as per your requirement & taste. Men’s ready made suits are also graceful & elegant which make real impact with contemporary style. These suits are made from optimum textile with finest fabric & colors and also deal in aesthetically designed formal, casual & trendy suits which give great effect & charisma on other. All are simply accessible with standard range and patterns so these extraordinary assortments will definitely captivate to other but all exclusive collection of designer suits are imperfect without men’s accessories thus you need it too, for making it complete so you can use trafalgar hudson braces/ suspenders , mezlan shocks, mezlan deer skin calf belt and many more.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Men’s Fashion Tips

Men's always lag behind women in terms of fashion and managing things related to looks but its not at all tough and by following simple rules men can also leave a remarkable impression.

Wherever we are we know, we are being noticed whether its a party at home or your business meeting. Our looks tell a lot about our personality to others. One should keep in mind the place where he is in and the clothing he is having at that place. It should match the occasion or circumstance well. Generally people wear unfit clothes which make them look weird, they should keep in mind what they are wearing and specially at offices. Your colleagues gather a lot of information about you just by your looks itself and clothing sense you have got.

Few important tips include:

  • Try to be simple but well integrated to leave good impression on others.
  • Suits are considered to be best outfit for men for any occasion.
  • Other accessories include leather belts and stylish ties which make the look even more appealing.
  • Maintain a good formal look especially at office with good fitting trousers which should neither be too tight or too loose.
By following these simple fashion tips one can make himself presentable in front of others and leave an ever lasting impression. Always remember a perfect blend of fine clothes is the best fashion tip one needs to follow.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Taking care of formal clothes

Formal clothes are meant for special purposes and therefore are the most well kept content of the wardrobe. They also need special care and attention for long lasting existence with the same essence which they had in the beginning. It is not easy to maintain the grace of clothes for a long tenure especially the formal ones on which even a small defect appears to be a major malfunction, but this daunting task can be simplified in certain pertinent manners.

We shall start from the bottom i.e the shoes section. Shoes bear the most severe wrath of owner’s fury, they have to carry on the weight and grip the austere floor at the same time. Therefore shoes must be taken as an investment as you invest in some other object supposedly a car.

Shoes must be cleaned and wiped regularly according to the material so that the stains don’t set permanently. If the material is leather then polish them regularly in suitable color dyes will blend into your shoes and mask any scuffs marks. First give your shoes a quick clean with a damp cloth or sponge then apply polish with a clean, soft rag, getting into every crease of your shoe. Leave them to dry on a piece of newspaper and then buff up to a perfect shine.

Canvas shoes on the other hand can be rather handled comparatively roughly. For tough stains and odors shampoo and brush can be applied. They can even be subjected to wash cycle in your machine but don’t place them in dryer because if you do then they will lose their form or even fall apart.

Suede shoes are the most typical ones as cannot be polished so the best way to take care of them is to apply a good spray of water and a stain repellant before you even put them on so it’s better to have one at the time of purchasing suede shoes itself. Incase they are stained then don’t scrub them instead gently rub them with brush to get dried mud etc off.

It is advisable to learn general shoe care methods. The best way to protect expensive shoes is to keep them in bags or boxes. Don't allow them to knock around or rub against your other objects. Don’t let dirt and stains settle on your shoe surface instead get rid of them as soon as possible. All these steps might appear to be tedious but a lot of money can be saved in the long term if you take a little time to properly care for your shoes.

Shirts are always close to men’s hearts both physically and mentally. Unlike shoes they are don’t have to bear the hardships but still they need more care as they are more delicate and primarily important. Knowing the nature of your fabric and material of your shirt can help you a lot keeping your shirts crisp and in good condition, while projecting a well-groomed appearance. Starting with a few archaic methods you can do so like use mildly warm water to wash your shirt in washing machine. Avoid dry cleaning as it may harm the texture of the fabric or even devoid the shirt of its natural color, instead getting laundered is a better option. To prevent settling of stains permanently prompt wash your shirt as soon as it gets stained and it will be easier to rid of it in the complete washing. For avoiding the color fading the simplest method is to separate them beforehand categorically in accordance to their shades white, light, colored and dark. To get your white shirts whiter, use bleach like Clorox. For colored ones, use a diluted solution or special bleach and for your dark colored shirts, avoid bleaching all together.

Before ironing custom shirts check for stains because it can settle them permanently and while ironing it would be better if the fabric is a bit moist as it will help in removing the wrinkles.

The mode of hanging your custom shirts can have long lasting impact on them, use wooden or plastic hangers with firm shoulders, wired ones will harm the shape of shirt

Last but not the least the most valued attire in anyone’s wardrobe is most unarguably suits. They are the most expensive outfit that can be sought after, as the occasions for which they are ought to be used are also extraordinary ones. They are neither the objects of daily use nor they are purchased often. To entrench their life for a longer time you will need to take care of them and follow certain basic steps.

Suits are generally manufactured in two categories single and double breasted and the fabric used usually belongs to the following inventory rayon, merino wool, polyester, silk, cotton, worsted wool, gabardine and linen. Each one of them have their own characteristics so they need different treatment accordingly.

Dry clean your suits once or twice every year but prefer only a professional and experienced dry cleaning service. Steamer can be used to get rid of wrinkles, it will, make the suit appear crisp and fresh, and before putting it back in your wardrobe keep suit in a shadowed and airy place.

Specially designed hangers are available in the market for suits which make them spectacular, they should not be stuffed as it can cause wrinkles. Induce a habit of brushing the suits before keeping them back in the closet, unbutton it while sitting and also avoid over stuffing of the pockets as they can harm the seams.

Remember a well maintained suit will depict your nature as well as it will also impart an inner personality booster.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Men's Suits

Suits are power outfits in the league of formal wears. They are statement makers and give a professional message. It gives a glimpse of authority, responsibility, compassion, quality, style and communicates success. With so many important traits associated with suits you ought to give importance to their every minute aspect.

For every businessman a good collection of suits is a must for his wardrobe. Suits are available in two forms, they are available ready made or they can be custom made according to your own specifications by a tailor. In the former case you have to look after your physique and then select the suit whereas in the latter case that in custom men's suit you don't have to bother about the fitting and sleekness of the suit. You just need to give your measurements and leave remaining on the experienced hands of the tailor.

Men's suits clothing depends upon requirements and nature that which of the two you may prefer.
There are a lot of things that should be taken care of while selecting a suit. Some of these are the color, fabric, dimensions, type of suit and of course the purpose for which it is required. An appropriate combination of all these factors will be required for a suitable suit.
There is a wide variety in which suits are available its upon you to decide that which one will be perfect for you.

Double Breasted Suit

The first thing that is noticed about a suit is that whether it is singly or doubly breasted.
The main feature of double breasted suit is overlapping front flaps and two, parallel columns of buttons. In most double-breasted coats, one column of buttons is decorative, while the other functional. The original double-breasted jacket has six buttons, with two to close. But it may vary according to size, suits with four pairs of buttons are also available. They are now not as commonly seen as they used to be a few years back. They are advantageous for thin and taller gentlemen.

Single Breasted Suit

They are now more commonly used as compared to the doubly breasted suit. They have a narrow overlap and only one column of buttons. Single-breasted suit jackets and blazers typically have two or three buttons (jackets with one or four buttons exist, but are not common).

These are the folded flaps of cloth on the front of a suits. Usually they are formed by folding over the front edges of the jacket or coat and sewing them to the collar, an extra piece of fabric around the back of the neck.
There are three basic forms of lapels: notched, peaked and shawl. Notched lapels, the most common, are usually seen on business suits. They have a wide V-shaped opening and a collar join. Peaked lapels are more formal, and nearly always used on double breasted jackets or coats.
with a very narrow deep V join at origin. Shawl is the least formal.

Waist Buttons

A suit has either one row of buttons or two, depending on whether it is single or double breasted. A single breasted jacket has a single row of buttons, numbering anywhere from one to four, though two and three are the most common. The three button jacket is the most traditional form. Usually, only the middle or second button is fastened when standing, though the top two buttons may be fastened to produce a slightly more formal appearance. Two button suits are a slightly later innovation, but since they show more of the shirt and tie, they produce a slightly slimming appearance. Only the top button of a two button jacket is fastened.

Double breasted jackets most commonly have either four or six buttons on each side where there are six buttons, only the lower four are for buttoning, though due to the design of the suit, only two will actually be buttoned at any given time. Generally it is followed that a doubly breasted suit is buttoned while standing and unbuttoned while sitting. Whereas the bottom button of a single breasted jacket is always left undone.

Breast Pocket

This is the prime region of importance of a suit. Generally the object that is seen in this is a handkerchief or pocket square which enhances its elegance. You cannot keep any bulky object in this pocket as it will project out and appear awkward giving it a lumpy appearance and distorting the sleek appearance of the suit, moreover any such object will be pressed to your ribs and would feel uncomfortable.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Men's Dressing

In this competitive world where staying ahead is the only possible way of surviving, you cannot afford to stay glued to only one phase. This principle is applicable in all the spheres of life. The factors that differentiate a person from the crowd are looks, way of presentation and styling. Styling is the key functional area in which we deal. A dress should compliment the body for which it is used. One should understand the basics of their dress so that it shall highlight their best traits.

If you want to impress your official world with your dressing style, then dress shirt is for you my friend, but choosing nice dress shirt is not an easy task, you have to be careful while selecting a perfect dress shirt for your self. The best thing about dress shirt is it is a perfect dress code for the professional environment. Choose a dress shirt that increases your style quotient, while selecting a dress shirt concentrate on three important aspect of it, which are color, fabric and style of the shirt. Fabric plays very vital role in dress shirt, the finer the fabric the better the shirt is. The charm and grace of dress shirt comes at its best in 100% cotton material. These all factors are very well looked after in custom mens shirts.

If you like the things according to your terms and conditions then Custom Tailored Suits offers the best solution. Your prerequisites are respected and considered as utmost priority. A professional and skilled tailor is always very helpful and respectful. They understand that they are at your service and that you may have many expectations.

The most looked out word in the world of formal dressing is suits. The impact that a suit can provide to a personality is unmatched and unremarkable. Mantoni suits offer an ultimate collection of suits.

If you are looking for shirts for all purpose then they are available at eagle dry goods. It includes a wide variety of sports shirts, camp shirts or polo shirts.

Formal clothing is considered incomplete without the accessories like suspenders, braces etc. Trafalgar suspenders are best suited accessories for any suit. The charm and elegance that a tie can provide to suit is one of the most essential parts of suiting Geoffrey Beene tie is a charming solution to this problem. Tie selection is also an art that requires skills.
Also the accessories like cufflinks and belts which are generally not given much importance are actually quite prominent in formal dressing. They provide an extra edge in events where there is regime of official clothes.

Last but not the least an important feature of suiting is kind of shoes that you wear. They should not only match the style of the suit but also the occasion for which they need to be worn. Allen Edmonds Hampstead are the leaders in this field of styling .

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Men’s Trousers

Trousers play very prominent role in your professional dressing style, supporting custom trousers than run of the mill pair khaki shows your style, elegance and taste for fashion. Custom trousers are the perfect wear for formal occasions, custom tailoring symbolizes the collection of best be it the fabric, interlining or trimming of the trouser. Formal trousers comes in different designs and variety, outwardly they all appear same but a closer look to these trousers display the unique feature and designs of each trousers.

While buying trousers for your professional wardrobe considers few points it is the fabric, sewing pattern and style of your trouser. Be very careful while selecting a fabric for the trouser, for business purpose wool is the best fabric, for summer season try light weight materials like silk or linen. You can pick up trousers made of different patterns and fabrics suiting your style and comfort.

Black Serge Super 100's Custom Trousers

Get a Black Serge Super 100's Custom Trousers for your self this fine trouser is suitable for all occasion and place.

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Brown Serge Super 100's Custom Trousers
wn has remain as one of the hottest shade for the trouser from time immemorial and it will remain the hot choice for the next couple of years this shade goes well with different shades of shirts and socks. Complete your wardrobe with brown serge super 100` custom trousers.

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Charcoal Serge Super 100's Custom Trousers

Try out charc
oal serge super 100 custom trousers, it ensures you a perfect professional look for formal occasions.

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Gray Serge Super 100's Custom Trousers

This evergreen classic shade is equally liked by young executives as well as by mature seniors CEO`s. If you are not sure about the color of your trouser then grey serge super 100`s custom trouser is just for you.

List price: $325.00

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Khaki Serge Super 100's Custom Trousers

This trendy color is the hottest choice among the young CEO’s and executives, show your attitude with elegance and style with this khaki serge super 100`s custom trousers.

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Light Gray Serge Super 100's Custom Trousers

This light gray serge super 100`s custom trousers is a perfect blend of style and class. Try this formal trouser for your next formal event.

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Navy Serge Super 100's Custom Trousers
This classic color trouser would remain as the trend setter in men’s fashion industry. The high compatibility rate with different shades of shirts has made navy serge super 100 custom trousers as one of the most popular trouser.

List price: $325.00
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Olive Serge Super 100's Custom Trousers

Try this cool shade for your formal meeting or just have a perfect day at office with this olive serge super 100`s custom trousers.

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Tan Serge Super 100's Custom Trousers
Tired of usual black and blue shades then this tan serge super 100`s custom trouser is just for you.

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Taupe Serge Super 100's Custom Trousers

This cool shade will go well with almost all light and dark shades of shirts, team it with light blue or just wear it black shirt, this taupe serge super 100`s custom trouser will look perfect with all shades of colors.

List price: $325.00
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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Men’s formal wear

Formal wears are the dressing style that are suitable for the formal social events like wedding, tea-party, dinner etc. Earlier formal wears were mostly consisting of white and black garments. But now scenario has changed and so the formal dressing style, the current trend of formal wear follow some basic guidelines for the classic and elegant look. To get a perfect formal look is not a difficult task, all you need to do is to consider few points discussed below.
Your formal look is incomplete without a
mens formal suits, so the first and foremost task is to pick a nice formal suits, if you are not very fashion freak person choose classic style suit like single breasted solid color suit, such styles are always in for mature and powerful style formal suit is must.
While selecting a fabric for your suit, give preference to worsted wool, a suitable material for spring as well as for summer season, for winter season choose gabardine wools. Choose any pattern be it pinstripe, chalk stripe, beaded stripe suiting the occasion from ultra formal to semi formal.
Now comes the shirt, the look of your formal suit is incomplete unless and until it is teamed with nice shirt, while selecting the shirt, consider its collar and cuffs. If you have narrow face choose shirt with wider collar and vice versa if you have broad f
Give your formal look a complete touch with a tie, the best thing about tie is it helps in representing your own personal style and attitude, suits look almost same tie help you in creating your personal style and impression, for a bold look go for patterned tie, team it with patterned shirt and make a bold style statement. Be careful regarding the length and width of the tie, it should not cross your belt buckle.
While choosing a combination of suit, shirt and tie, consider your personal coloring; that is your skin color and the color of your hair, if your personal coloring is high in contrast choose high contrast dressing, but if your personal coloring is low in contrast
choose low contrast clothes.
Selecting right kind of
mens formal shoes is must for a perfect formal look, choose, black brown or tan color shoes, and if you love to experiment with your look go for loafers, round –toe or pointed-tipped shoes. Never underestimate the role of shoes in your dressing it is your shoes that is noticed by most of the females. Choose right watch and belt to complete your formal look, and make smashing impression with your formal dressings.